Congrats on winning another Sunday, along with our 8th NFL Sunday win in a row - 10 of last 11 NFL Sundays. 4-1 in yesterday's NFL. Congratulations to all of our subscribers on a big day.

Today, small board, so we only have THREE Locks to go with. We've gone 8-0-1 over last six NFL Monday nights, so it you wanted a game to try us out on, this would be it. 15-4-1 on Monday Night NFL over the seasoon. Subscribers can click here for all of tonight's Locks.

You could of had that same record on Monday nights - if you were subscribing. Cick here to do that.

Yesterday's Results: Win Win. 7 Wins (Browns, Eagles, Rams, Steelers, Suns, St. Joseph's, Houson U) 4 Losses (Texans, Illinois State, San Jose State, Rhode Island) 1 Push (Miami Heat)

Today's Free Open Lock: Miami Dolphins +2



Good Luck!