Big congrats to our subscribers on what was likely a HUGE Saturday for most of you. While we have to grade them as pushes, most everyone we have interacted with reports that they got Texas at 10 or 10' and Iowa State at 2'. We still report them as pushes, but congrats to you should they have titled in your favor. Indiana tried to lose the game for us five or six times, but then they end up winning outright, and we needed one more yard from UCF. Really only game I believe that we straight missed was Tennessee.

So, great Saturday, let's turn our attention to Sunday.

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Yesterday's Results: Winners. 5 Wins (UNC, Indiana, LSU, MIchigan, San Jose State) 2 Losses (UCF, Tennessee) 2 Pushes (Iowa State, Texas)

Today's Free Open Lock: Pittsburgh Steelers +1



Good Luck!