Well, that may have been our worst day on the history of the site. We aren't going to go back and look it up, but it felt like it. Nothing we can do about the past, just move forward and bounce back. We always have. And yes, we had a few short term birds chirping at us - that's fine. If one bad day scares them off, that's on them. Probably shouldn't be playing anyway.

Never lost an NFL season, and only once lost a season of college football. And we had a bad day or two in those years, too.

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Yesterday's Results: Because we are transparent, and we don't hide. 2 Wins (Nebraska, Oregon State) 11 Losses (TCU, VaTech, Miami FL/VaTech OVER, Michigan State, USC/Arizona OVER, Louisville/UVA OVER, Baylor, Wash St, Michigan, Boston College, UCF)

Today's Free Open Lock: Los Angeles Rams -2'



Good Luck!