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On Lance’s Lock, you may see something called a “unit” or just “U” for short. So, what is a unit? It's a way to compare win amounts based on your best while removing money from the equation.

Player A's bet size might vary in dollars from Player B's due to each person's financial situation and risk tolerance, so to track success in sports betting, we use units to standardize things.

Units should be a fixed value — if you usually bet $20 on a game, one unit for you is $20. If you typically bet $100, one unit is $100. One unit should typically be 1% of your bankroll.

My goal is to help you win, to put in the time that maybe you can't, and ultimately make you successful as well! Most bets will be 1 unit, but more confident bets may feature 2u or more.

We also bet to win, not bet to risk. When you bet to risk, you are risking 1u to win 0.91u based on default juice offered in various sportsbooks of -110. When we bet to win, we are risking 1.1u to win 1u.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say the Atlanta Braves are a -150 favorite on the moneyline. You want to bet $100 on the Braves. If you bet to risk, that means you are risking $100 and based on the -150 favorite price, this means you will win roughly $66.67 if the Braves win (plus your $100 you risked back). If the Braves lose, you lose the $100 you risked.

If you bet to win $100 on the Braves, this means you would need to risk $150 up front based on the -150 ML price. If the Braves win, you win $100 plus get the $150 you risked back. However, if the Braves lose, you lose $150.

There are benefits to both. On the flip side, betting to win on underdogs mean you risk less. For the sake of tracking our bets, we will bet to win, but feel free to choose which of these mentalities suits you best.

Use the unit scale below for your own needs as an example:

  • 1 unit play =
    1% of your bankroll, $100 for a 10,000 bankroll
  • 2 unit play =
    2% of your bankroll, $200 for a 10,000 bankroll
  • 3 unit play =
    3% of your bankroll, $300 for a 10,000 bankroll
  • 5 unit play =
    5% of your bankroll, $500 for a 10,000 bankroll
  • 10 unit play =
    10% of your bankroll, $1000 for a 10,000 bankroll