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2015-10-24 Lance's Lock

3-0 Friday night to lead into Saturday, where if you've been following the site for some time, you know we've been killing it. We have NINE Locks today, with TWO of those Locks being really, really big plays. Whatever cheesy handicapper 'Game of the Year' name you want to apply to them, do it - these are two big Locks for us today. We only single games out like this if we feel like everyone can make extra coin playing them. Maybe tie them together - your call. Anyway, subscribers can click here to get all of today's Locks.

Our Saturday college football record this year: 52-24-3 (68.4%) That's a lot of money people are making. Make sure you are doing it, too. If you don't yet subscribe, get on board now. Click here to SUBSCRIBE.

Yesterday's Results: 3-0 Friday Night! We like starting weekends out with house money to roll with. 3 Wins (Royals, Memphis/Tulsa over, San Diego State)

Today's Free Open Lock: Georgia Tech +6'

Again, NINE Locks today, with TWO HUGE Locks included. Let's have a great day.



Good Luck!

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2015-10-25 Lance's Lock
2015-10-23 Lance's Lock

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