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2019-12-28 Lance’s Lock

Full boat today. FIVE Locks today, including side and total on the LSU/Oklahoma game - but only subscribers can get them all. If your aren't a subscriber, re-evaluate your life and then decide to get on board. Click here to subscribe.

FIVE Locks - subscribers can click here for all of today's Locks.

Got messed over by the A&M game. You have to score twice, so why not just kick the 3 once you get to a comfortable spot to kick and save yourself some time for the next possession? Would make too much sense.

Yesterday's Results: Poor Decisions. 1 Win (Air Force) 2 Losses (Texas A&M, USC)

Today's Free Open Lock: Iowa State +3'



Good Luck!

2019-12-29 Lance's Lock
2019-12-27 Lance's Lock

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