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Sign Up Before August 26th and Save On Your Subscription!

We are very excited to begin Season 5 of Lance’s Locks with all of you this Fall. We’ve been dropping some hints on the website over the past few weeks, and now it’s time to let you know. For four years, subscriptions for the Locks have been only $80/month - that’s been for every Lock, from every league, every day. Most handicapping services are charging you that per day. But that’s not what we want to do - we want you to win, and we want you to keep all of the money.

And we are making a minor adjustment going forward - over time, we’ve had a few cost increases in running the site, so we are slightly bumping up the subscription rate to $90/mo - now it really is $3/day. You’ll still get every Lock from every league, every day, just now at $90/mo.

But we do want to offer you one last opportunity to get in at the old rate. The new rate of $90/mo does not go into effect until Monday, August 26th. So, you can still subscribe at the $80/mo rate as long as you sign up before August 26th.

Here's Lance with the details...

If you’re interested in the annual subscription - we are keeping it the same for now at only $800 for the entire year - again other services can charge you this much in just one month, we’ve got you taken care of for the full year…

Current subscribers - you’re fine. Everything will stay the same for you. If you’re on with us at $80/mo now, you will continue to be as long as you keep your current subscription. This does mean that if you leave us in the future, and then decide to come back, you’ll then have to purchase at the new subscription rate of $90/mo. It’s just the way that it’s all set up. Please take that into account if you are thinking about leaving us in the future.

But for those of you not currently on board - there's now zero sense in waiting. Sign up before August 26th to take advantage and get in at the old rate going forward.

We’re looking forward to a great year, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, and we'll be in touch.

Good Luck!

2019-08-21 Lance's Lock
2019-08-20 Lance's Lock

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