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Alright everyone, clearly none of us is happy about what all has been going on in the last 72 hours, but if the doctors believe it’s in the public’s best interest, I guess this is what we are stuck with.

Without any consistent sporting events to handicap for the second half of this month, we are looking to be proactive and fair for our subscribers. In an effort to be transparent on how we operate, our subscription manager software was set up to be as simple as possible, so complicated pro-rates for each individual subscriber are unfortunately not an option. (Hold on, good news coming…)

HOWEVER, what we CAN do is refund 50% on all our March subscription transactions.

What this means - if you are a current subscriber that had any charge occur during the month of March (in the past OR coming up in the future), we will go back and refund you 50% of that transaction ($40 for our $80/mo subs, $45 for our $90/mo subs).

The reason we have to do it this way is that our subscription manager program doesn’t allow us to change the subscription fee from the amount that you signed up for. (This was done to protect you, and to protect us.)


• If you were charged on March 1st, we will go back to that transaction and refund 50%.

• If you are charged on March 31st, you will be charged your regular rate, and we will at that time go back and refund the 50%. (As stated above, we are unable to change the amount prior to being charged.)

• Same thing for anything in between.

We believe this should cover just about everyone in as fair a way as we could come up with taking into account the simplicity of our sub manager program. We are eager to be as proactive as possible in a situation like this.

If things continue into April, we will consider additional options - as you can tell, it’s all a fluid situation right now, so we don’t want to make any decisions until we know more. So stay tuned on that.

If you have any questions, we are always available, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - that’s the best way to reach us.

And again, this sucks for everyone. But we don’t want people getting sick, either, so it’s kind of just something we have to put our heads down and deal with.

We DO appreciate all of you and your support of the Locks. We ride these waves together, this is just another one. Looking forward to getting us all back in action soon.

- LT

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